Yakov Khomich

In his work Yakov skilfully mixes reality and fiction, the mysterious and the obvious, the frightening and the comic, creating complete worlds in his works, with recognisable characters who move from series to series. The artist's style is inspired by primitivist painting: rounded, hypertrophied forms, simple colours and the absence of perspective, but he creates both abstract and realistic paintings as well. This difference reflects the process of self-discovery in which the artist is constantly engaged.

The latest series of blurred canvases, Introtexto, is probably the closest Yakov feels he has come to understanding reality. There's a paradox here: the blurrier the image, the closer it is to reality. One could say that his paintings convey the ephemerality of life, its transience, the unreliability of memory, that all of us and everything that happens to us will disappear in the mist of time. But for the artist, there is an excessive pathos in these words.

‘We're all looking for something, but we've forgotten what it is. Maybe we're all looking for a precise outline. Or maybe I'm just confused and talking nonsense’. — Yakov Khomich.

Yakov graduated from the College of Music and Technical Arts and is currently studying at the VGIK. He has participated in various theatre festivals and created sets for performances of "The Executioners" and "Petrov's in the Flu" at the Gogol Centre. Recent exhibitions include the project "Waiting Rooms" at five venues, ArtBrut Gallery, Moscow, 2022.


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