Masha Egorova

Masha Egorova was born in Moscow in 1991. In 2004, she graduated from the Moscow Art and Industry Institute and would go on to participate in the art residence in Vyshny Volochyok with the Institute of Contemporary Art Problems in 2017.

Then, in London she worked in collaboration with Goldsmiths University before being involved in the curatorial pop-up project PLACEddmm in 2019, combining fashion, design and art. Masha creates large vases and sculptural objects featuring bright colours, folds, and deconstructed methods of printing.

“Creating, as a rule, hollow sculptures, I immerse myself in the dialogue between design and contemporary art, daily life and exaltation,” says the artist. “That echoes the value for me both of the creation process itself and of observing the interaction of other people with my work.”

Masha’s artworks are usually used in fashion, art, design and architectural photoshoots for different magazines. Speaking on the idea of combining these different artistic backgrounds, she stated: “I like the idea of interaction between ceramics and other visual cultures.”


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